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The process to thermally modify Ash uses only  heat and steam (no chemicals!) The wood is heated to over 400 F to modify cell structure and remove wood sugars to give  30+ year lifespan (class 1 durability) and improved stability. Fire-rated & Calfire-WUI approved. Sourced from well-managed American & European forests (no rainforest woods used). Thermory has been extremely successful in the European market for over 20 years worldwide but it is relatively new in the U.S. market. With the same durability as teak or ipe, JEM Joints reduce waste (98% Yield) and is ideal  for  Decking  –  Cladding  –  Porch Flooring  – Fencing - site furniture  components etc.


Thermory is the exterior hardwood of choice. It is beautiful, with all the advantages of tropical woods, but without the disadvantages (environmental issues, difficult installation, stability issues). We also have a new line of thermally-modified pine cladding and decking that offers an excellent alternative to cedar or redwood.

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