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Cutek Clear Stain Extreme High Performance Wood Oil - for All Exterior Applications - Clear Oil - 1 Gallon


When you are buying the best, why not protect it with the best?


Cutek Synthetic Wood Oil offers unique wood protection. When properly applied it can help keep material protected for many years. Cutek is a high-grade synthetic oil developed in Australia, one of the harshest climates in the word. The CUTEK approach is completely different to most other wood care systems as it penetrates and continues to migrate into the wood to protect from within. Once Cutek has been fully absorbed into the wood, it stays inside long term to reduce moisture getting in and out. This greatly reduces the potential for splitting, checking, warping, cupping, and other wood-related movement problems without forming any film. 


If you want the wood to naturally lighten and turn silver over time, using the Cutek Clear oil helps. It will slow the greying process but the wood remains well protected and minimizes maintenance for the wood. However, if you are not looking for the material to go grey, add a Cutek Colortone! The added UV Protection keeps the color much longer.


With just one product Cutek provides easy use and maintenance:

  • No Film
  • Can be applied in sun or shade
  • Can be wet stacked 
  • Simple application: apply with a brush, rag, sprayer, etc.

Clear Cutek Stain Extreme High Performance Wood Oil (1 Gallon)