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About Us

Experience & Professionalism

Greenline West is a local supplier for high end architectural millwork products. Specializing in project work, with over 20+ years of experience, our team is here to assist and guide you in finding the right products for your project. We will provide you with exceptional service, showcase upcoming and innovative products lines and work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf. Our goal is to add to your success by creative sourcing, value engineering, and inventory management.

Specializing in Architectural Millwork Products 

Our product offering includes: architectural hardwood plywood, Italian lightweight poplar, custom moldings and thermally modified hardwood. Through vertical integration we can offer a large variety of products with quick lead times. We also have the capability and resources to find the hard to reach goods, such as: intricate custom molding designs, exotic hardwoods and specialty veneers or lay-ups. 

High Quality Products

Our team is constantly researching new and upcoming product lines to provide our clients with cutting edge technology. We do extensive research before we supply or represent a product line, so you can be sure they are the very best quality available products.

Thermory Las Vegas Featured in Pro Sales Magazine!

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